Monkey D. Tiger (モンキー・D・タイガー, Monkī D. Taigā) alias
Pirate Adventurer (冒険家海賊, Bōkenka Kaizoku) is the father of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgaz D. Ace, younger brother of the infamous Revolutionary leader, Monkey D. Dragon, and the son of Monkey D. Garp. He is the pirate who inspired his sons to go on his journey and the captain of the Spade Pirates. The World Government fears him much as Whitebeard, they gave him the reputation as The World's Most-Dangerous Pirate (世界最悪の海賊, Sekai Saiaku no Kaizoku). He found the Gum-Gum Fruit which was accidentally consumed by Luffy. He is also one of the World Emperors.


Voice Actor: Johnny Bosch (English), Masakazu Morita (Japanese)

Tiger is always wears a captain's coat over his shoulders, red haired, and, until Luffy was born, wore a straw hat obtained from his mother before she died while he was younger that he had worn for many years beforehand, and of which was synonymous with his image. He wears wore long light black pants and a pair of sandals and is unshaven with a short mustache. In all his appearances so far as captain of his own crew, Tiger has worn an open buttoned black shirt, leaving his X-shaped scar covering most of his chest exposed, which were revealed to have been given to him by Blackbeard.

The most striking thing about Tiger is he looks a lot like his sons, Ace and Luffy.

Powers Edit

Jumping Edit

While he is a powerful all-around player, Taiga's unique skill lies in his ability to jump to great heights. This skill facilitates not only his most common move, the dunk, but also allows him to defend well, get rebounds against taller players such as Wakamatsu andOtsubo; he even used it to break Midorima's perfect shooting. When he makes a jumpshot, he also stays in the air longer than the blocker, making it almost unblockable.[43] While he generally jumps with his left leg in order to allow him the use of his more dexterous right arm, his right is far stronger, allowing him to touch the top of the backboard as opposed to just hitting the ring.[44] The drawback to this ability is that, like certain members of the Generation of Miracles, his body is still too underdeveloped. Thus prolonged use of his jumping prowess can cause damage to his body.

Having trained extensively since the Interhigh school championships, he can now dunk from the free-throw line, a feat that may have put him on a level with the Generation of Miracles.[45] He is also able to jump from far away in a difficult position and still be able to block a shot. In the Zone, he can jump even higher that he can effortlessly block Himuro's Mirage Shot or out-jump Murasakibara, who is taller than him. Murasakibara compared his jumping ability to Michael Jordan's Airwalk.

Self Alley-oop Edit

A normal alley-oop is when a team-mate throws the ball up high and the scoring player catches the ball and scores without having to fall. Taiga has found a way to do this by himself, that is instead of receiving the ball by passing, shooting the ball himself, grabbing and dunking the ball when it misses.[46] This was a response to Midorima's shooting spree in Seirin'smatch against Shūtoku High. He tried this again in the match against Tōō Academy, but was screened out by Susa, Taiga being unable to reach the goal.[47] This is also the one obvious weakness of the skill.

Lane up Edit

A lane up is a dunk from the free-throw line. Taiga had the ability to dunk normally and very high, but in the Winter Cup, against Josei High, he ended the game by breaking through their defense, jumping from the free-throw line and dunking.[48] A lane up is very difficult, because being able to reach the basket after jumping such a distance is only possible with an extraordinary jumping strength, the kind that Taiga possesses. With the development of the lane up, he forced open the "Gate" and awakened his true abilities, thus virtually reaching the same level as the GoM. This is also called "Airwalk", which was made famous by retired NBA legend, Michael Jordan.

Meteor Jam Edit

A new dunk Taiga learned from Alexandra. While in the zone, Taiga prepares the dunk by leaping from the free-throw line, however; instead of following through with a lane up, Taiga uses his jumping power to gain height rather than distance. At the peak of his jump, he then hurls the ball into the basket which possesses even the power to penetrate through Murasakibara's defense.

Taiga's way of throwing the ball directly into the ring is similar to a meteor crashing into earth (hence the name).[49]

Although the meteor jam has the capability of being an unrivaled dunk, it is a delicate technique that requires Taiga to calculate the location, height, and angle of his jump along with the balance and ball control after that jump which explains the reason why he needs the zone's assistance. Though, even with the zone, the distance from the basket drastically affects the accuracy of his shot.[50]

Vanishing Drive Edit

Kuroko's Vanshing Drive is in fact a collaboration with Taiga. While Kuroko is able to pass his opponent's field of vision by bending over and moving in a cross-diagonal move, Taiga makes the misdirection a whole by purposely drawing the attention from the opponent to him, away from Kuroko. This makes it able to perform a successful Vanishing Drive.

Quotes Edit

  • "After all, life is about challenges! Without strong opponents, living isn't fun. It's perfect if I can't win!"[58] (to Ryōta Kise)
  • "It's not "want". We will become number 1!!"[59]
  • "It's not like I'm doubting him. But in case he doesn't return, we'd be in more that just a tight spot. We were saved countless times already by that small back. I have faith in him, but I won't expect anything. There's no meaning if he comes back and it's too late. Winning against Aomine or not, that doesn't matter. This time, I'll save him!"
  • "I don't mind entertaining you, as long as you can handle it."[60] (to Daiki Aomine)
  • "Aomine, you're strong.. If it was a 1-on-1, I wouldn't be able to win. I can only continue because I am being supported. This is not my strength alone!! For my friends!! I will win right now!!"[61] (to Daiki Aomine)
  • "Taking responsibility of everyone's hopes is the role of the Ace. I'll surpass the limits as many times as needed!!!"[62]
  • " This is our show. We're the ones who are writing the script."[63] (to Ryōta Kise)
  • "We've been friends this whole time, haven't we?![64] (to Tetsuya Kuroko)
  • "When I heard everyone cheering for us, my exhausted body began to boil with strength. At the same time, the fogginess in my mind suddenly lifted, and I understood. I opened the second door for just an instant. At that time, lost in the moment, I didn't realize it. But now I understand. The Zone that surpasses the Zone. I know how to open that door."[65]
  • "That's right... I'm not fighting alone. I'm fighting alongside everyone...!!"[66]
  • "You don't look surprised at all, keeping the usual poker face?"
  • "COURSE!" (to Himuro Tatsuya)